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Hello! I'm Najib, a photographer based in UAE (basically from India). I'm a father to one sweet boy and I know how it feels to want to capture those truly special moments... the real moments, the milestones, the celebrations, and the everyday... the moments of you, your little family, living life to the full, telling your story… that's what I'm here for… to help capture and tell your story...

My Passion

With me it all started with a click in the age of 11, when I first got my hands on my dad camera, it was a 110 film roll camera, and I was amazed by the click, it was as if like I have found a secret way to freeze time, and capture a moment to be cherished always, but it was later in 2010 that I was first able to get my hands on digital camera of Nikon and later I got a Nikon P510 and then Nikon D7100. I still and always consider myself as a student only.

My approach to photography is to capture realistic moments in life. I believe that as a photographer I bear witness to the beauty, world has to offer, I try various means of finishing my images and I always keep my clients perspective in mind, most of the time I end with two sets of same photos, one with my prospect and other with client’s prospect. I want to treasure the moments that need to be remembered.

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Najib Ullah Khan


My approach to photography is to capture realistic moments in life.

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